Show a Marker

Javascript Source

function myInitializeAPI() {
    var mapDiv = 'map'; //id of the div where the map should appear
    var mapType = 'default';
    var mapLanguage = 'A';
    var proxyUrl = '';
    var apiClientKey = 'your-api-key';
    SANGC_LoadMapViewer(mapDiv, mapType, mapLanguage, proxyUrl, apiClientKey);

    //-- assign map loaded event to check if map is loaded
    SANGC_OnMapLoaded = ClientOnMapLoaded;

function ClientOnMapLoaded() {
    //--- set own marker's icon; set this after map is loaded.
    SANGC_AddaMarkerSymbol('mymarker', './images/marker-2.png');

    //--- show marker on map.
    SANGC_AddMarker(1993544,46.716738,24.650482,'Saudi Post','mymarker',32,['',null,null,null]);

HTML Source

<div id="map" style="position:absolute;overflow:hidden;width:500px;height:600px; margin:0px; padding:0px; background-color:white;"></div>